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I specialize in Infusionsoft setup and maintenance as well as internet marketing support. Please see the sample list of tasks below that I can assist you with.

Affiliate or Referral Partner Program Management
Initial setup takes 1-2 hours, management is as needed

Autoresponder Setup & Maintenance
Initial program setup can take anywhere from 6 hours up depending on how much needs done, autoresponder series creation approximately 1.5 hour s(5 emails in series, copy must be provided by client)

Blog Posts
approximately 20-30 minutes per post including tags, categories and images

E-Commerce Account Setup, Management & Maintenance
Initial setup takes approximately 1-2 hours for a standard theme layout with minor customization (complete custom themes can take longer), then as needed

Ezine Management
approximately 1-2 hours per ezine, includes adding content and images (provided by client), scheduling a draft, sending through the e-mail client.

Social Media Strategies
assist in setting up a strategy to utilize social media to drive business to your site using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pintrest.

Teleclass Setup, Management & Support
approximately 2-3 hours to setup teleclass pages and another 1-2 hours of general management and post-teleclass activities.

Webinar Setup, Management & Support (Go To Webinar, Instant Teleseminar)
approximately 2-3 hours to setup webinar pages and another 1-2 hours of general management and post-webinar activities.