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For those of you who want to shop gaiam - make a positive impactmake an impact, on the world around you, visit Gaiam’s web site. They are working to help the environment in many ways.  Listed here are a couple of examples direct from Gaiam:

13,150 trees in 2009, offsetting 15,720 tons of CO2 – Each $2 Go Zero donation helps to plant new trees to offset the carbon emissions resulting from shipping.

200,000 pounds of pesticides and fertilizers – saved by purchasing 600 tons of organic cotton.

8,600 barrels of oil, 7.5 million car miles & 14,417 mature trees Gaiam’s “green” home – This is what Gaiam’s headquarters will save the environment over the next 30 years. We have one of the largest privately owned photovoltaic solar installations in the state of Colorado and a state-of-the-art energy management system.


Anyone want to live in a green community?  Check out the Green Eco Communities web site – they have lists of green communities in multiple states!


Our planet, our home, that is what Green Eco Communities is about!

Green Eco Communities provides listings of certified green communities, and green builders in the United States, in addition to resources, articles, and the latest Eco news pertaining to your state, all designed to help you easily find your dream green community, as well as support our beautiful green planet for our children and grandchildren to live on and enjoy forever.



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Executive Virtual Consultant


Jaimie is wonderful & experienced executive assistant who can handle your customer relations, scheduling and social media management.  If you are looking for assistance in any of these areas, she is a must have for your team.

e-Commerce / email Marketing / Shopping Cart / CRM

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Thesis Theme for WordPress: Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community


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Credit Card Processing MSG is a lead supplier of credit card processing software for businesses.


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