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Welcome all to my newly updated site – my place to share eco friendly information!   Great information coming soon for those who’d like to “green” their business and/or life.


For those who do not know me I am a Virtual Consultant and Online Business Manager who is taking further steps to “green” my own life & business.  My goal is to share with others how I accomplish this and how you can too.  The only way to improve the environment is for each of us to do our part by going green.  There are lots of little things you can do as well as bigger lifestyle changes you can make to help save the environment.


I’ll be posting blog entries on numerous subjects from going green to tips on running your own business to links for how to & do it yourself ebooks as well as new technology.  Feel free to post questions and suggestions at any time.  If I have the answers I’ll be glad to share them with you, and if I don’t have the answers I’m sure I can find them.


Looking forward to a greener world.