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Since the simple act of house cleaning is such a basic and frequent activity, using eco-friendly products and equipment can make an immediate and positive impact on the environment.  Not only will you be contributing to greening the planet, but you will be making your home healthier too.  Eco-friendly products don’t contribute to indoor air pollution by emitting toxic fumes like many commercial cleaning products do.  And green cleaning equipment can even improve indoor air quality.



Green vacuum cleaners
It wouldn’t be very green to rush out to buy a new vacuum cleaner if you don’t need one. But the next time you’re ready to buy a vacuum, look for one that is energy efficient and uses as little power as possible.  Also, look for a vacuum that uses a HEPA filter to remove dust and allergens from the air.  That way, every time you vacuum, you’ll also be improving your indoor air quality. 



Beware of some ‘natural’ ingredients
image Never, never, never mix ammonia and bleach.  The combination of these two ingredients creates a deadly gas.  It’s not just foul smelling – it can kill you, your kids and your pets.  In fact, you really should cross ammonia off of your ‘natural cleaner’ list entirely.  It’s about as natural as an oil spill, meaning it’s always toxic and a health hazard no matter how you use it.  There are plenty of safer non toxic alternative to use instead.



imageUse cleaners with safe natural ingredients
If you enjoy mixing up your own cleaning products, you can replace a lot of commercial cleaners with simple solutions of vinegar and water for glass cleaning, or baking soda and water for heavy duty scouring jobs.  But if you prefer buying your cleaners, look for products that use citrus oils and other plant based soaps as their main ingredients.  That way, not only will your home be free of toxic chemicals, but you won’t be adding them to the environment in the rinse water.